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Led by a highly motivated, experienced and innovative leadership team, Jalaram Group’s capabilities are explored by introducing a new era of plastic product manufacturing. In the starting phase we will deal in plastic water storage tank manufacturing with local market dealers in Maharashtra State later on we will expand our functioning area and product lines. We always focus on customer requirements to manufacture quality products with optimum cost and provide trade and transport service with utmost efficiency. To stabilize in the market and fulfill client requirements on time we will continuously upgrade all inhouse processes i.e manufacturing process, supply chain or inventory management process.

About our team

With innovative thinking our team always focuses on customer requirements and global trade to manufacture quality products that are low on cost, maintenance free and long lasting. As a manufacturer, our team is our strength. They bring experience, innovative ideas, and problem solutions to stabilize the market. Our team is the key factor of our success.

Why we?

Water is necessary for everyone in day to day life, there is no alternative for water and that's why it is important to store water in a safe container. Here is what we offer

  1. Always manufacture plastic products from virgin material.
  2. Manufactured from food grade plastic not from waste of plastic.
  3. 100% UV stabilized protection plastic product for content storage.
  4. Stronger, long lasting, unbreakable and maintenance free product.
  5. Multilayer technology keeps content cool (Outer layer is White/Colour protects from heat, Middle is black protects from UV Light which courses algae formation and inner layer formed from antibacterial Gray/Blue plastics).
  6. Roto moulding process provides one piece product without vertical joints which provide flexibility in expansion and contraction while environment change.
  7. These tanks provides mobility like you can change its location, reinstall to any location.
  8. These tanks are durable, affordable, and lightweight, as well as easy to install, dismantle, and relocate.
  9. All our water tanks have deep and multiple horizontal lines that will provide extra support on full water storage.

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